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Push Back Your Clock of Aging

By Roslyn Rogers, CNCCouple

The balancing of hormones for men and for women has become a very important message for health! The reason is that our hormones are chemical messengers that tell our bodies what to do, when to do it, and why! Our hormones rule over the endocrine system, consisting of the pituitary, hypothalamus, thyroid, and adrenal glands. If one hormone is out of balance, we can experience many different uncomfortable symptoms that we might not even think are related to our hormones, but certainly are.

Some symptoms that can occur from hormonal imbalances are: aches and pains, sleeplessness, moodiness, fatigue, osteoporosis, wrinkling skin, even weight gain and water retention, as well as many others.

Why are we experiencing these imbalances?

A big part of the answer is that everyday we use so many things that are made from petroleum. The byproducts from petroleum can act as strong estrogens, getting into our cells causing unpleasant symptoms as well as estrogen-dominant cancers. Petroleum can be found in shampoos, conditioners, body lotions, cleaning products, fabric softeners, perfumes, and in the exhausts from cars and planes. One way to protect ourselves is to shop for products that don’t have parabens in them, as parabens are petroleum-based.

Some of the most popular food that we eat also contain estrogens. Cows are given the hormone of estrogen to make them grow bigger and fatter faster. So make sure that when using dairy (milk, cheeses, yogurt), and buying meat, they are without hormones. Chickens and eggs also need to be antibiotic and pesticide free to ensure that what we eat will not create an abundance of harmful estrogens that can cause our cells to proliferate or grow.

What can we do to resolve these imbalances?

Use a natural bio-identical hormone cream that comes from a wild yam plant. These creams are put onto thin-skinned areas, and very often, in a short period of time, these symptoms go away (for women and men as well)! As I travel around the U.S. meeting people, I have learned, especially from women, that when they begin to balance their hormones, hot flashes, vaginal dryness, night sweats, lack of their libido, PMS, and forgetfulness, are all a thing of their past. When men become more balanced, their libidos come back, weight is easier to manage, and their prostate glands are in better shape.

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The Benefits of Essential Eating Sprouted Flour

SproutedFoodby Janie Quinn

Vegetables are the easiest-to-digest foods because they are broken down by vegetable enzymes, not pancreatic enzymes which are less abundant in most people’s digestive systems. Amazingly, when whole grains are sprouted properly, they are converted into plants and the nutrients are unlocked so your body can digest whole grains the same as vegetables, not dried seeds. The body digests sprouted grains the same as vegetables, not as starches, and the nutrients are in a form the body can utilize. Not to mention that sprouting removes the bitter taste associated with whole grains. How cool is that?Over 100 years ago, most of the flour consumed in America was sprouted due to the fact that the grain was harvested by hand and stored in bundles in the field where it would sprout naturally from the moisture and heat in the atmosphere before being milled. Manufacturing changed this process, particularly with the invention of temperature-controlled silos that prevented sprouting.Today, sprouting is back! Essential Eating Sprouted Foods has developed a quality-controlled process to mirror nature’s balance of moisture and heat to sprout whole grains, capture them at their peak, and mill them into nutritious flour that tastes great. This is an easy way to get real nutrition into your diet.

Why choose Essential Eating’s new line of products made with Essential Eating Sprouted Flour over other manufacturers’ sprouted products? These first-of-a-kind, certified-organic products have 100% whole grain fiber, are higher in protein, heart-healthy, kosher, diabetic-friendly, vegan, and are naturally free of cholesterol, lactose, added sugars, and trans fats. NO GMOs, irradiation chemicals, additives, flavorings, colorings, or enrichments. Just real food! Now you can enjoy sprouted flour pastas, (spaghetti, elbows, linguini, and penne), cereals, and Pretzel Puffs that have the benefit of whole grains but digest as veggies with amazing flavor! Try them today. You’re worth it!

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Thyroid Disorders Rampant – Part II


By Carol B. Blair, BS, DiHom, CNC, Wellness Educator

In my last blog, I discussed hypothyroidism and some key nutrients that can help this condition.

There are many other factors that can play into hypothyroidism. Gluten intolerance, unfermented soy, raw cruciferous vegetables, plasticizers and phthalates, dysbiosis in the GI tract (which is why probiotics have become one of my pillars of good health), estrogen dominance, and liver or kidney issues that slow down conversion of T-4 to T-3 are other possible factors contributing to hypothyroidism.

For the adrenals, you might consider extra B and C vitamins as a starting point. Most of the C in your body is stored in the adrenals and can be depleted quickly under stress. Pantothenic acid, also known as B-5, is very important for stress which is why I often direct people toward B-Healthy because it has 250 mg. of this particular vitamin in addition to all of the other Bs. As I pen this, we are also adding 5MTHF (the active form of folate) which will make this superior to just about any B vitamin on the market! Of course, there are many other adrenal and stress supplements available.

Some of my favorite thyroid supplements include Thyroid Support by Gaia, MegaFoods’ Thyroid Strength and Enzymatic Therapy’s Metabolic Advantage. All of these contain tyrosine, iodine, and herbs that support the thyroid and can help with that important T-4 to T-3 conversion. Eating seaweed is the best way to get iodine and minerals, but if that is not your taste, then consider a kelp supplement. Thyadine and Potassium Iodide are good liquid iodine supplements that are well absorbed. Coconut oil is also thought to aid thyroid function.

Acupuncture, dry brushing of the skin, juicing, detoxifying, and exercise are all other options for improving thyroid function. Remember also that our livers are very toxic today so be sure to work on that, too!

Much can be done for sub-clinical hypothyroidism and if you have been stressed for a long time, you could be suffering from this under-diagnosed condition. At the very least, work on your liver and stress levels, and if you want some additional support, please call me for a free consultation. Having had borderline thyroid issues for many years, I have been able to avert the Rx for the most part and I would be glad to share my insights with you.

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