Thyroid Disorders Rampant – Part II

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By Carol B. Blair, BS, DiHom, CNC, Wellness Educator

In my last blog, I discussed hypothyroidism and some key nutrients that can help this condition.

There are many other factors that can play into hypothyroidism. Gluten intolerance, unfermented soy, raw cruciferous vegetables, plasticizers and phthalates, dysbiosis in the GI tract (which is why probiotics have become one of my pillars of good health), estrogen dominance, and liver or kidney issues that slow down conversion of T-4 to T-3 are other possible factors contributing to hypothyroidism.

For the adrenals, you might consider extra B and C vitamins as a starting point. Most of the C in your body is stored in the adrenals and can be depleted quickly under stress. Pantothenic acid, also known as B-5, is very important for stress which is why I often direct people toward B-Healthy because it has 250 mg. of this particular vitamin in addition to all of the other Bs. As I pen this, we are also adding 5MTHF (the active form of folate) which will make this superior to just about any B vitamin on the market! Of course, there are many other adrenal and stress supplements available.

Some of my favorite thyroid supplements include Thyroid Support by Gaia, MegaFoods’ Thyroid Strength and Enzymatic Therapy’s Metabolic Advantage. All of these contain tyrosine, iodine, and herbs that support the thyroid and can help with that important T-4 to T-3 conversion. Eating seaweed is the best way to get iodine and minerals, but if that is not your taste, then consider a kelp supplement. Thyadine and Potassium Iodide are good liquid iodine supplements that are well absorbed. Coconut oil is also thought to aid thyroid function.

Acupuncture, dry brushing of the skin, juicing, detoxifying, and exercise are all other options for improving thyroid function. Remember also that our livers are very toxic today so be sure to work on that, too!

Much can be done for sub-clinical hypothyroidism and if you have been stressed for a long time, you could be suffering from this under-diagnosed condition. At the very least, work on your liver and stress levels, and if you want some additional support, please call me for a free consultation. Having had borderline thyroid issues for many years, I have been able to avert the Rx for the most part and I would be glad to share my insights with you.

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