Aged Garlic Extract and Hypertension

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By Carmia Borek, Ph.D

 High blood pressure that is undetected or uncontrolled can lead to heart attack, heart failure, kidney failure, stroke, or death. The American Heart Association states that 1 in 3 U.S. adults suffer from hypertension, which can lead to 1 in 6 deaths a year. Age, obesity, family history, a sedentary lifestyle, smoking, stress, and lack of sleep also increase your risk. In addition, high salt intake, caffeine, and alcohol can worsen the condition, causing a further increase in blood pressure. People with hypertension who also have high cholesterol and difficulties keeping both under control can truly benefit from Kyolic aged garlic extract (AGE).

 Aged Garlic Extract and Hypertension

People seeking ways to control blood pressure have the option of taking antihypertensive drugs, but they may have unwelcomed side effects. Another course of action is to seek effective natural solutions. AGE is a natural supplement that clinical studies have shown to be a safe and effective remedy against hypertension.

 The Nature of AGE

Aged garlic extract is an odorless garlic product manufactured by Wakunaga of America. It’s made by the extraction and aging of fresh organic garlic at room temperature for as long as 20 months. AGE is standardized by S-allyl cysteine, a water-soluble organosulfur compound, with antioxidant activity that is the most prevalent component in AGE. Other organosulfur compounds include S-allyl mercaptocysteine. Also present are lipid-soluble organosulfur compounds, carbohydrates, and micronutrients, such as selenium and other antioxidants like fructosyl arginine and alexin. Featured in over 750 scientific and medical publications, the highly bioavailable AGE is the preferred form of garlic used in medical studies on the health effects of garlic.

AGE Reduces Multiple Cardiovascular Risk Factors

AGE is a modulator of a wide range of cardiovascular risk factors. In addition to reducing blood pressure, AGE has been shown to increase blood flow and prevent platelet aggregation and stickiness, which are underlying causes of blood clots. AGE lowers bad cholesterol (LDL), increases the good cholesterol (HDL), and reduces the progression of coronary heart atherosclerotic plaques that can lead to a heart attack. In addition, AGE was shown to reduce homocysteine (a risk factor for heart disease), protect endothelial cells that line blood vessels, and increase the levels of a regulator of blood pressure. AGE has high antioxidant action and helps prevent oxidative damage to blood vessels caused by stress factors, including smoking.

In a study at Brown University School of Medicine, taking AGE lowered cholesterol levels and blood pressure in men with high cholesterol levels. Men received AGE at a dose of 800 mg/day, for 6 months, followed by placebo for 4 months and their cholesterol levels and blood pressure were measured monthly. The results showed that their total cholesterol levels fell by an average of 6-7 percent and their systolic blood pressure decreased by 5.5 percent; there was also a smaller decrease in diastolic pressure.

Several clinical trials from the University of California in Los Angeles, by Dr. M. Budoff and his colleagues, found a dramatic reduction in coronary artery plaque formation in patients treated with AGE compared to placebo. They also found additional cardio-protective effects, such as reducing blood pressure, lowering LDL and triglycerides, increasing HDL, and lowering homocysteine.

 AGE Effective Where Anti-Hypertensive Drugs Failed

Investigators at the University of Adelaide in Australia showed for the first time that AGE may treat hypertension more effectively than medication. The study, published in 2010 in the journal Maturitas, was a randomized, double-blinded placebo-controlled trial of 50 hypertensive patients who did not respond to antihypertensive drugs and remained hypertensive.

The patients were adults with systolic blood pressure of 140 mm Hg or higher and diastolic pressure of 90 mm Hg or above. All patients continued with their medications during the trial—25 patients received 4 capsules a day, containing a total of 960 mg of AGE and 2.4 mg S-allyl cysteine, for 12 weeks (equivalent to 2.5 mg of fresh garlic). In addition, 25 patients served as controls and received a placebo of similar capsules that lacked AGE. Their blood pressures were monitored at baseline and at 4, 8, and 12 weeks.

The trial results showed a statistically significant difference between the blood pressure of patients who were taking AGE and those taking the placebo. In patients who had a systolic blood pressure of 140 mm Hg or higher, AGE lowered the systolic pressure by an average of 10.2 mm Hg, compared with placebo controls. This effect was comparable to the effect produced by common antihypertensive medications. In patients with a systolic blood pressure lower than 140 mm Hg, the differences in the lowering of the blood pressure between those who took AGE and those on placebo were not significant.

This trial shows that Kyolic AGE can serve as adjunct antihypertensive therapy. Previous studies found that a drop in systolic blood pressure by 5 mm Hg lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease by 8–20 percent. As shown here, the reduction in blood pressure of 10.2 mm Hg, by AGE, offers a desirable protection against cardiovascular disease.

 Mechanisms of Action

The antihypertensive effects of AGE are linked to the stimulation of intracellular nitric oxide (NO), a relaxing factor that is produced in the endothelial cells that line blood vessels and controls vascular tone and blood pressure. Taking AGE results in the relaxed elasticity of vascular smooth muscle and improved vasodilation and blood flow.

Several studies demonstrate that garlic lowers blood pressure and provides other health benefits, but it has the reputation of having an unpleasant odor and can cause some intestinal side effects. Odorless Kyolic aged garlic extract (AGE) enhances the nutritional value of the garlic, removes its pungent odor, and makes it gentle on the stomach, so you can take advantage of all the positive effects of garlic without experiencing the unpleasant side effects!

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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